Brand Startegy &
Product Development

Manza is a small-sized business that skyrocketed to fame with its popular "manzas" (a hair product). Practically everyone in Chile either owns one or desires another one.

The Challenge: Sustaining the brand's success amidst changing trends and ensuring future growth.

The Strategy: Continuously innovate and expand the brand's product portfolio to transform Manza into a well-established accessories brand.

The Process: By staying true to the brand's essence and its association with handmade craftsmanship, the product election for our collection encompassed a meticulous and comprehensive design process. We began by conducting in-depth trends analysis to ensure our offerings were in line with the latest market demands. Extensive market research was conducted to gain deep insights into consumer preferences and needs. Based on these findings, we decided to create Sandals and Espadrilles. I generated innovative design proposals, which were then transformed into meticulously crafted prototypes for rigorous testing and refinement. This iterative approach involved conducting both quantitative and qualitative research, allowing us to fine-tune every aspect of the new products. As a result, our final products perfectly embodied the brand's commitment to quality and authenticity, capturing the essence of handmade craftsmanship while meeting the expectations of our clientele.

Josefina Barros

Telephone +34 655091678