Banana Republic
Marketing Manager
360º Marketing Campaigns

As Marketing Manager of Banana Republic Chile, I successfully implemented 360º marketing campaigns to enhance brand visibility and engage customers on multiple platforms. To achieve this, I adopted a holistic approach that integrated traditional and digital marketing strategies.

The "The New Look of Banana Republic" campaign specifically targeted a younger, fashion-forward demographic seeking contemporary and trendsetting styles. By curating a fresh and modern aesthetic, we aimed to resonate with their preferences and aspirations. Our innovative initiatives included vibrant visuals, dynamic storytelling, and collaborations with influential figures like fashion blogger Nicole Putz and hyper-realistic artist Guillermo Lorca. These efforts helped position Banana Republic as the go-to destination for stylish young individuals. Additionally, we optimized our website with SEO techniques and utilized paid media through Google Ads, while implementing weekly email marketing campaigns and direct mailings to VIP customers with exclusive promotions.

Through this comprehensive marketing approach, we achieved increased brand awareness, attracted new customers, and fostered long-term brand loyalty for Banana Republic.

Marketing Manager, 2015-2016

Josefina Barros

Telephone +34 655091678